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Bespoke Courses

One of the things that set apart Stay on Track Training Ltd. is in our approach to ensuring that the services it provides truly meet the specific needs of our customers. We fully understand that everybody's needs are different when it comes to training; therefore every course and solution we implement for our customers is evaluated against their specific needs and where necessary adapted to reflect those. If you don't see what you are looking for here then please contact us for a no obligation discussion on your organisation's training needs.

Disability Awareness
1 Day

Develop knowledge and understanding of Disability and Equality issues in order to:

 •Recognise Disabled Passengers and Assess Their Needs
Communicate with Passengers and Provide Appropriate Information
•Use Appropriate Equipment
•Maintain Passenger Comfort
•Recognise When to Ask Others to Support the Passenger's Journey

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Customer Care
1 Day

Achieve effective communication with customer's and successful conflict resolution resulting in:

•Delivering a Better Service
•Identifying and Meeting the Needs of Your Customers
•Being Approachable
•Being Helpful 
•Developing "a Thick Skin"
•Own Behaviour
•Representing Your Company

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Passenger Assistant Training
1 Day

This course was developed by the Community Transport Association for Passenger Assistants (PATS) and Drivers who work with vulnerable adults and children with special needs:

•The Role of the Passenger Assistant
•Assisting Passengers with Disabilities,
•Assisting Wheelchair Users who Travel in Their Wheelchairs
•Supervising Children and Young People with Special Needs
•Working with Adults Who Require Care and Supervision

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Manual Handling
3.5 Hours

This course gives useful practical advice for employers, managers, safety representatives and individual employees on how to reduce the risk of  having an injury from manual handling:

•Health & Safety at Work
•Manual Handling Risk Assessment
•Safe Lifting of Objects
•Back Injuries and Body Structure
•Cost of Manual Handling Injuries
•Accident Reporting
•Manual Handling Regulations

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Emergency First Aid at work
6 Hours

All the basics in first aid at work and meet the requirements of the HSE and includes: 

•Understand the Role of the First Aider
•Use of Available Equipment
•Recording Incidents and Actions
•Basic Life Support
•Preventing Cross Infection
•Act safely and Effectively in an Emergency

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First Aid at Work (FAW)
3 Days

Covers first aid in greater depth and also meets the specific requirements of the HSE and includes:  

•Aims and Rules of First Aid at Work
•Basic Life Support
•Treatment of the Unconscious
•Treatment of Wounded
•Treatment of Bleeding Casualty
•How to Treat Fractures
•How to Treat Dislocations
•How to Treat Soft Tissue Injuries
•The Legal Aspects of First Aid at Work

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Fire Prevention & Safety
3.5 Hours

Fire Prevention training is a regulatory requirement which all employers are required to comply with:

•Effective Implementation
•Practical Steps Necessary to Ensure you Meet Your Responsibilities
•How Fires Start and Spread
•Fire Prevention
•Types of Fire Fighting Equipment and Their Uses

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General Health & Safety
3.5 Hours

The training session identifies your responsibilities as an employer & those aspects and responsibilities of your employees, including: 

•How to Prepare Risk Assessments
•Identify Hazards & Risks
•Ensure Compliance with the Health & Safety Laws
•Working at Height
•Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH)
•The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER)
•Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER)

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