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The Jigsaw Trust / Jigsaw CABAS® School is a registered charity; number 1075464

We at Stay on Track Training Ltd have decided to support - Jigsaw - because we firmly agree with the statements listed below. We would appreciate your help in supporting Jigsaw, for every course attended we will make a donation. Should you wish to donate directly you could either visit - Justgiving - or vist the Jigsaw webshop - Spendraise - help us raise money by buying online, at no extra cost to you!

"Mankind owes to the child the best it has to give"
United Nations Declaration

"Although direct provision for children with autism is increasing slowly, the demand still far outweighs the actual places available"
Paul Cann, Ex-Chief Executive of the National Autistic Society

We strongly believe that every child has the right to receive effective education. The consequences of failing to provide this can be clearly seen in our society. We all have a duty to do whatever is in our power to assist those professionals who are making a daily difference in our young people's lives.